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Last Moments of Summer

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An image of a hidden gem in Central France, which conveys my idea of what a true natural landscape in Creuse looks like.
An image of a hidden gem in Central France, which conveys my idea of what a true natural landscape in Creuse looks like.
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The Story Behind This Photo #

This natural gem, Les Combes de la Cazine, is located in the heart of La Creuse, France. It is one of my favorite haunts, since it offers varying natural wonders to discover and photograph. The closest village to this place is called Colondannes, which is located on the road between Dun-le-Palestel and La Souterraine.

I took this photo on a late summer evening in September 2015. I think it displays the Creusois nature and landscape in a very succinct way. The last rays of the setting sun are falling on the pine trees and in the background you can see the first foothills of the Massif Central mountain range.

The dry heather moorland is very distinct to this area and not necessarily typical to La Creuse when compared to many others, such as the lush Sedelle valley close to Crozant. To a Finn it feels like home, since we to have many places like this in the vast forests of the North. Often, you find heather shrubs on top of cliffs or rocks, which feature pine barrens and dry thin top-soil. The heather odor is very strong and distinct once you get to know it. I almost wish this photo could be shipped with a small branch of dried heather.

Some Thoughts on the Use of This Image #

I think this image would be a great fit for anyone nature lovers living room or lounge wall. A framed print with a white passe partout and a black wooden frame will do this photo justice.

Image Details #

If you want to buy a digital copy of this image, it has the default 1.5 form factor. Since this image has been cropped very tightly, it should be used only with the original form factor, as otherwise the composition will not work any more. If absolutely necessary, please crop it from the top.

image dimensions image format image form factor
7331x4893 pixels JPEG 1.5

Suitable Print Dimensions #

Should you want to buy a printed product of this image, the following sizes fit the image form factor and do not cause cropping. The sizes in centimeters are approximate, since the dimensions of photographic paper is traditionally expressed in inches, such as 8x10.

product dimension in cm dimension in inches
canvas print 46 x 30 17 x 11
canvas print 60 x 40 23 x 15
framed print 46 x 30 18 x 11
framed print 62 x 42 24 x 16
giclee art print 46 x 30 18 x 12
giclee art print 76 x 50 30 x 20

Availability #

If you want to license this photograph or buy a printed product, please reach out to me either via email or through the contact form on my portfolio site through the button below.

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