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I’ve been mulling this concept for some time and over the 2022 Xmas holiday season I decided to realize it. In short, on this site you will find my honest opinions about many things related to photography, be it a photography site such as Picfair, a photographic technique such as HDR or a trend such as bot usage.

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Photography Portfolio #

In addition, I will continually work on a photography portfolio of some of my best photography in a way that I want to present it. What this means in practice is that in addition to the showcased photo, I will tell the story behind it, namely:

  • When a given photograph was captured.
  • Where it was taken.
  • What makes it special to me.
  • Ideal use for the image, i.e. digital use and/or use as a printed product.
  • Where the image is available for sale, should you want to buy it.
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Lari Huttunen
Lari Huttunen
Lari Huttunen is a Finnish photographer with over 30 years of experience in capturing landscapes, waterscapes and cityscapes around the world.