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Lari Huttunen

Lari Huttunen

See the unseen.

I’m glad you ended up here. The purpose of this site is to tell the story behind some of my finest photographs in detail through a photography portfolio (work in progress). In addition, I will examine some topics related to online photography services for which I have experience in. I’ve been a customer of various sites ever since 2007, when I first signed up on Flickr. I will mostly blog about my experiences using those services, so my write-ups may give you ideas on where to sign up or not – should you be so inclined.

You can view more of my portfolio images on Youpic through the button below.

See the unseen #


The Height of Summer

··3 mins
One of my absolute favorite French landscapes which I was able to capture whilst living in the area for more than four years.

Last Moments of Summer

··3 mins
An image of a hidden gem in Central France, which conveys my idea of what a true natural landscape in Creuse looks like.


··3 mins
Take these seeds and put them in your pockets… after the war you will be pushing sunflowers.

Le Grand Saut

··3 mins
Le Grand Saut is the first of the three consecutive waterfalls descending into a deep ravine below the willage of Gimel-les-Cascades in Correze, France.

Suomen Rautatiemuseo II

·3 mins
The main building of the Finnish Railway Museum in Hyvinkää, Finland.